A platform for managing port visits from ships, helping participants in the process improve data exchange for greater efficiency.
Leading company in the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) sector, specializing in server and cloud infrastructure solutions tailored to the needs of individual users and corporate clients.
Specializes in data extraction from video games using artificial intelligence. By providing a scalable platform, game publishers can monetize their data and create game products using AI and developer tools.
Integrated real-time decision-making tool for professional athletes. They focus on providing the most advanced AI-based results tracking system in professional sports.
Helps gaming studios develop modern, cross-platform, high-speed user interfaces for video games.
Leading Bulgarian brewery known for promoting craft beer culture and supporting local brewers.
A 3-month mentoring program for youth up to 26 years old, developing a consultancy service that supports professional development of employees and improves organizational culture.
Outsourced financial services that help optimize and automate financial management processes for small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, and sole traders.
Leading and innovative online and physical pet stores whose mission is to build a better culture in pet care.
A leading telecommunications company in Bulgaria with extensive experience in developing software platforms for business communications.
A leading biotechnology company specializing in functional genomics and personalized medicine, offered to healthcare professionals, clinics, and consumers.
Provides the physical retail sector with infrastructure to take payments in-house, using open banking technology and direct bank transfers.
A software company that develops mobile applications and offers a full range of services to create mobile products and custom solutions for early-stage companies.
A platform for combining digital customer service in the automotive, insurance, and leasing industries. It provides a digital „Car as a Service” ecosystem through Mobile Managed Marketplace.
A non-governmental organization that connects startups, private and institutional investors, government, and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
A company that develops and supports sophisticated solutions based on the Salesforce platform, implementing e-commerce projects in collaboration with global brands.
A property management company for short-term leases, with innovative monitoring software, allowing owners to profit more easily from their properties in Bulgaria and Romania.
A company that provides reliable monitoring and automation solutions that help energy and industrial companies better manage their assets and processes.
A manufacturer of protein bars possessing laboratory and fully automated production facilities. The company is export-oriented and its products are sold in more than 39 countries worldwide.
A platform for easy purchase and sale of second-hand mobile phones, that are checked by an authorized service and with an added warranty of 2 years.
A microbrewery engaged in the production of high-quality original beer and its distribution in Bulgaria and Europe. The brewery’s production is sold in most European countries.
An independent media platform for news coverage in Southeast Europe. They focus on sector innovation, entrepreneurship, and trends in regional ecosystems, providing international visibility.
A technology that supports the monitoring of several types of parameters in bees, making it easier for beekeepers to protect their colonies. Pollenity offers a platform that connects Bulgarian honey producers with end-users.
A software development company focused on Python solutions. They provide end-to-end software development services, as well as design, building and management of dedicated teams.
A Bulgarian engineering and production company, founded in 2012 in Sofia. Today, DECIBEL is one of the largest manufacturers of sound insulation and acoustic solutions sold on 4 continents.
Creates modular mobile business solutions in three directions: digital business cards, mobile apps that reduce the distance between the company and the customer, and B2B app.
Helps businesses have their documents and data securely stored and organized off site while also making them easily accessible digitally or physically whenever needed.
A swimwear and beachwear brand founded in 2015 with the core belief that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and stylish in her body.
A private dermatological clinic established in 2016, providing services in the field of aesthetic and clinical dermatology.
A device that measures the performance stats of vehicles. Measuring 0-100km/h acceleration, 1/4 mile times or laps around your favorite race circuit has never been easier.
Founded in 2016 with the mission to reduce the administrative paperwork at school and let the teachers focus on more value-adding activities such as – teaching, mentoring and inspiring students.
A software company, which develops storage solutions for large companies which build public or private clouds.
Develops customized agronomy software based on integrated satellite imagery, weather data and agronomy services.
A company that developed a chatbot – Skilly, which trains employees in soft skills. In March 2020 the company adapted Skilly to keep Sofia’s citizens informed about the COVID-19 developments.
A software company specialized in the automation of the service providing industry. Flagship product: cloud billing & automation for hosters, telecoms, and domainers.
One of the biggest retail stores in Bulgaria, offering computers, electronics, office technologies, and technical support and maintenance.
A software tool that multiplies retailers’ profits by introducing a better-converting, mobile-ready checkout process, seamless payments, and post-purchase upsells.
An IoT company, providing data sensing industrial-grade devices to measure air quality in urban areas, track water loss and consumption in cities, and monitor water resources at any scale.
A Microsoft Dynamics D365, Azure, and .Net partner, with a highly skilled Microsoft Certified Team of project managers, consultants, developers working on large scale projects with 1000+ users.
A company with over 20 years of experience in steel product manufacturing, offering a wide variety of engineering services.
Develops and executes outbound sales development strategies on behalf of technology companies to enrich their sales pipelines and start conversations with potential new clients.
A company that develops optimization solutions and robotic business process automation (RPA). The range of services that the company offers, covers the entire spectrum of building and proper management of processes in today’s business environment.
A performance-driven full-service digital agency. The company specializes in online advertising, PPC, SEO, and web development.
Produces fruit wines, including the company’s signature raspberry wine. The company is among the pioneers on the market and is one of the fastest-growing wine brands in Bulgaria.
The biggest IT network in Bulgaria, organizing 180 events a year. Utilizing the strong brand and large community DEV.BG has proven to be a great sandbox for testing new hiring tools and services. The company is now focusing on a new business line – Hire Heroes.
The online platform enables consumers to discover all the retail offers they need to plan ahead their shopping; this drives growth for both online and offline retailers.
High quality plant-based beverages and ice cream that can provide both sweetness and healthy nutrients.
A tech solution for real estate agencies to help them serve all incoming leads. It works completely invisible to the buyer, yet answers every inquiry, and always has a relevant offer.
A studio for architecture, interior and product design – focused on projects for restaurants and office spaces; has a line for own furniture as well.
A contemporary swimwear label for women, targeting fashion-oriented millennials
An agile software development company focused on e-commerce, web/mobile apps and Amazon WebServices Cloud based solutions. The company has also developed its own software product that it plans to bring to market soon.
The company produces whiteboard paint which makes any wall a place for writing and brainstorming.
Devoted to change the food system throughout healthier and sustainable dairy alternatives. The flagship product is cheese made from cultured cashews with probiotic.
A B2B IT company, founded in 2002, with 2 main activities: IT services based on monthly subscription contracts and software development of CRM, Document management, ERP solutions.